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Skipping Round the Moon

Skipping Round the Moon was born out of teaching my own children their multiplication facts. I wrote the title song to help kids hear the “families of numbers” in skip counting and number relationships in basic multiplication. As we began to think about the times tables, I wrote “Multiplication Hand Jive,” a set of fun, quirky and engaging rhymes, each telling a story to accompany the math facts. Hand jives inspire play in learning — for a pair of kids or a whole classroom. By crossing the meridian of the body with their hands while clapping, kids integrate both halves of the brain for more effective learning. (Shhh. They'll never know!)  The tunes are simple, repetitious and to the point. Just what kids thrive on.

NAPPA awardWinners!

Susan's debut CD, Shoes, and her musical tribute to math facts, Skipping Round the Moon are the proud winners of 2005 National Parenting Publications Awards. NAPPA judges evaluated more than 600 entries and selected these CDs for their balance of entertainment and learning — plus kid appeal, uniqueness, educational value, age-appropriateness and longevity as kids grow. Susan is delighted to have been selected.

"We play this CD as background as we travel around in our car each day. It's amazing to hear how that small amount of listening translates into absorption. My children bop around the house singing out those numbers!"


1. Skipping Round the Moon

Skipping Round the Moon

Skipping round the moon, the sun is rising soon
Skipping round the moon with my banjo and a tune

4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Skip by 2’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound

6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36
Skip by 3’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound


8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48
Skip by 4’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound

10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60
Skip by 5’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound


12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72
Skip by 6’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound
14 21 28 35 42 49 56 63 70 77 84
Skip by 7’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound


16 24 32 40 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
Skip by 8’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound

18 27 36 45 54 63 72 81 90 99 108
Skip by 9’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound


20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120
Skip by 10’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound

22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 110 121 132
Skip by 11’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound


24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 132 144
Skip by 12’s, skip on round, now we’re homeward bound

I could keep on skipping each number through, skip by myself or skip with you
Skip, skip, skipping all day and night, but now I’ll just hold tight

chorus x2

2. Numbers Game

Numbers Game

1X2 is 2, This numbers game is just for you
1X3 is 3, Clap your left and right with me
1X4 is 4, You can even stomp the floor
1X5 is 5, You can wiggle, you can jive
1X6 is 6, But no cartwheels please, and no more splits
1X7 is 7, To learn the numbers is a given
1X8 is 8, It’s much more fun with your best mate
1X9 is 9, Groups can work them in a grapevine
1X10 is 10, Do them once and do them again
1X11 is 11, From start to finish, end to end
1X12 is 12, The 1’s are done, goodbye, farewell

3. Witchy


2X2 is 4 I saw a witch outside my door
2X3 is 6 She was holding onto her broomstick
2X4 is 8 Some hair was curly, some was straight
2X5 is 10 Her nose had warts and it was bent
2X6 is 12 Her legs they were not parallel
2X7 is 14 Her skin was sticky, icky green
2X8 is 16 She looked scary, she looked mean
2X9 is 18 She looked hungry and lean
2X10 is 20 She was eyeing me intently
2X11 is 22 Run or hide, what should I do?
2X12 is 24 “Trick or treat man, open the door!”

4. Pet Gerbil

Pet Gerbil

3X2 is 6 My gerbil likes to chew on sticks
3X3 is 9 She likes maple, she likes pine
3X4 is 12 They keep her teeth in real good health
3X5 is 15 She lives in a cage, we keep it clean
3X6 is 18 Life in a cage seems kind of mean
3X7 is 21 So we take her out for fun
3X8 is 24 We let her run on the kitchen floor
3X9 is 27 Sometimes she’s hard to catch again
3X10 is 30 She gets the place kind of dirty
3X11 is 33 Sometimes she poops, sometimes she pees
3X12 is 36 So wash your hands or you’ll get sick!

5. Wishes


4X2 is 8 I found a bottle by the old storm grate
4X3 is 12 I took it home to keep myself
4X4 is 16 I rubbed that bottle to make it clean
4X5 is 20 A genie slipped out so gently
4X6 is 24 He gave a yawn and one more snore
4X7 is 28 He said “Now don’t procrastinate
4X8 is 32 I’m a Genie man, you know what to do
4X9 is 36 Now make a wish and get your kicks”
4X10 is 40 I said “Now don’t you worry
4X11 is 44 I wish for many wishes more
4X12 is 48 An endless number would be great!”

6. Disastrous Dive

Disastrous Dive

5X2 is 10 Let me tell you a tale again
5X3 is 15 Once there was a girl named Jean
5X4 is 20 She worked out good and plenty
5X5 is 25 She liked to swim, she liked to dive
5X6 is 30 She took a dive that left her hurting
5X7 is 35 She missed the pool and almost died
5X8 is 40 She broke her leg and it was gory
5X9 is 45 They called the doctor and he arrived
5X10 is 50 Her new pink cast was nifty
5X11 is 55 He said “You’re lucky to be alive
5X12 is 60 Before you leap, look quickly”

7. Hungry Elf

Hungry Elf

6X2 is 12 In the forest lived some elves
6X3 is 18 They often hide and can’t be seen
6X4 is 24 An elf heard his stomach roar
6X5 is 30 He was hungry, he was thirsty
6X6 is 36 A snack right now would be the fix
6X7 is 42 Or maybe chewing gum would do
6X8 is 48 He ventured down by the old town gate
6X9 is 54 He crept inside that General Store
6X10 is 60 He snuck some gum but it was tricky
6X11 is 66 He left some gold and then he split
6X12 is 72 If you were him what would you do?

8. Queenie


7X2 is 14 Once there was a big fat queen
7X3 is 21 She weighed 2,000 pounds, a ton
7X4 is 28 What she saw is what she ate
7X5 is 35 She liked ice cream, she liked pie
7X6 is 42 You better watch out or she’ll eat you
7X7 is 49 She was cranky all the time
7X8 is 56 She could not move and she was ticked
7X9 is 63 A diet was the remedy
7X10 is 70 Exercise became the key
7X11 is 77 Queenie’s health came back again
7X12 is 84 She was happy once more

9. Veggie Problems

Veggie Problems

8X2 is 16 I like carrots, I like beans
8X3 is 24 I like them cooked, I like them raw
8X4 is 32 Sometimes I put them in a stew
8X5 is 40 I served them at a party
8X6 is 48 My guests said that they tasted great
8X7 is 56 One time I added celery sticks
8X8 is 64 My guests threw up on the kitchen floor
8X9 is 72 I did not know what I should do
8X10 is 80 I called the cleaning lady
8X11 is 88 She said “Hose them down by the garden gate”
8X12 is 96 What a jam, now it’s fixed

10. Ghosts


9X2 is 18 Ghosts are heard but rarely seen
9X3 is 27 They fly around the earth and heavens
9X4 is 36 Sometimes they play dirty tricks
9X5 is 45 They make believe they are alive
9X6 is 54 They rattle on the basement door
9X7 is 63 The candles flicker, and it’s real creepy
9X8 is 72 They jump out at you screaming “Boo!”
9X9 is 81 They think scaring folks is fun
9X10 is 90 It makes them laugh to hear folks whiny
9X11 is 99 I wish they’d leave, that’d be just fine
9X12 is 108 If they never came back it would be great

11. Keeping Clean

Keeping Clean

10X2 is 20 Once there was a boy named Kenny
10X3 is 30 He liked to play and get real dirty
10X4 is 40 Staying clean was kind of boring
10X5 is 50 He jumped in mud and stomped with glee
10X6 is 60 He’d spill his juice and then was sticky
10X7 is 70 Food on his shirt was a guarantee
10X8 is 80 His mom was a neat and very clean lady
10X9 is 90 She said “So much laundry all the time
10X10 is 100 Your clothes are stained and torn to shreds
10X11 is 110 I’ll have to wash and mend again
10X12 is 120 You’re happy though, and that’s the key”

12. Monster Picnic

Monster Picnic

11X2 is 22 Watch out or this could happen to you
11X3 is 33 This tale is still a mystery
11X4 is 44 Listen and I’ll tell you more
11X5 is 55 It happened one hot day in July
11X6 is 66 A family went to the hills for a picnic
11X7 is 77 They heard a rumble again and again
11X8 is 88 The sound, it seemed to escalate
11X9 is 99 That should have been their warning sign
11X10 is 110 A monster sniffed the air and found them
11X11 is 121 He ate their picnic ‘til it was done
11X12 is 132 I think he ate the people too

13. Hen House

Hen House

12X2 is 24 A dozen hens sat on the floor
12X3 is 36 Their nests were made of straw and sticks
12X4 is 48 They seemed content to sit and wait
12X5 is 60 This is no job for moving quickly
12X6 is 72 The hens jumped up and all said “Ohh!”
12X7 is 84 There were eggs all over the floor
12X8 is 96 The hens were hoping for some chicks
12X9 is 108 They warmed those eggs to incubate
12X10 is 120 Weeks later there were chicks a plenty
12X11 is 132 A new generation, a whole new brood
12X12 is 144 A dozen eggs makes a dozen chicks more

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