Family Orchestra Concerts

Spark your Family Orchestra Concert Series with Susan Reed. Her songs, stories, and orchestral music will draw your audience into the rich world of classical music, connecting audience to ensemble and strengthening your musical community. Susan presents family music at its best, inspiring a new generation of classical music and musicians.

“I strive to keep classical music vibrant, and I’m always reaching out to the next generation.”

Susan spins unforgettable stories that grow right from her banjo, guitar, mountain dulcimer and violin strings. Her versatile instrumental “voice” presents a uniquely effective way of inspiring young people to pick up an instrument, write a story, sing a song and live a life filled with art.

Orchestrations by Michael McLean (, scored for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, and strings.

Family Orchestra Concerts: A Preview

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“I love to collaborate. Over years of working together, Michael and I have found the ‘Susan Reed sound and style’ in an orchestra.”


  • Earth Song - Orchestra, Optional Chorus, Soloist, Banjo
  • Family Tree - Orchestra, Chorus, Soloist, Guitar or Banjo
  • Listen To Your Dreams - Orchestra, Optional Chorus, Soloist, Banjo
  • Up, Up, Up - Orchestra, Optional Chorus, Soloist, Banjo
  • Gather - Orchestra, Optional Chorus, Soloist, Dulcimer
  • I Am the Song - Orchestra, Optional Chorus, Soloist, Guitar (accompanying story)
  • We Are Light - Orchestra, Optional Chorus, Soloist, Banjo
“My songs and stories do not have an age range. They are for everyone.”


  • Cranes, A Peace Tale - Orchestra, Optional Chorus, Storyteller, Guitar
  • The Songs of the Wind - Story to precede I Am the Song, about the origins of music
  • Traditional Tales - Susan’s repertoire of tales for storyteller (or storyteller and musician), each promoting character, awareness, unity and the challenge of making choice.
"Cranes" is my peace tale. I feel passionately about this story. It invites you to reach within, kick up your step and cross the bridge from your home community right into the global community. The orchestration is stunning.”

Story Notes

Live Program Notes For Kids - Includes engaging stories about composers and their pieces to introduce, educate and link classical works on the program.

“What is history, other than one really long story?”


Narrated works for orchestra - Susan is a classically trained violinist and fluent in score reading.

Graced with a lovely voice, she casts a comforting and imaginative spell over her audiences of both children and adults. Her songs invite us to consider the little things in life, the treasured moments of delight and caring and wonder that we all share.”

- Jim Selway, Associate Artistic Director
World Children’s Choir, Washington, D.C.