Are you a poet? I bet you are! Here’s my new tune, Honeybee. You pick the flower our honeybee is visiting and make up a rhyme to go with it. Enjoy!




Enjoy an aerial view of the planet when you set sail in a hot-air balloon with three children and their inquisitive dog. We're feeling very UP! about our multi-award-winning book and CD!



peace cranePeace Crane Folding Instructions

They say that if you fold 1000, your wish will come true.
Why not get started right now?



crayonsMusical Coloring Pages

Get out your markers and crayons and color my musical instruments silly!



violinStrawberry Moon: A Fiddle Tune

Here is a new fiddle tune for you from the Lion In the Sky CD. It’s written out for both violin and cello.



stagefright sueThe Ballad of Stagefright Sue

A cautionary tale of making good choices and how to prepare.




violinIf You're Happy and You Know It

Enjoy this new animation from Barefoot Books!



violinIn From the Cold - A Fiddle Tune

This is a fiddle tune for two fiddles and cello, featured on my Gather recording. Gather some friends and hold a mini-concert!



oceans!Ocean PDF

Check out this fun little tune for you to sing and play.



Bowlful of StonesBowlful of Stones

This song is for those who have lived awhile and have ever had a tough day...



gift boxA Special Gift?

Somewhere hidden on this website is a special present for you. See if you can find it!