Susan performs nationwide in festivals, family concerts, workshops and schools. Her repertoire is vast and each performance is hand-crafted to reflect special themes and values of her audience. Her programs of songs and stories inspire active, meaningful participation. Subjects are as diverse as safeguarding the planet, learning math facts, revering our elders and bridging cultural differences. Have you folded a peace crane and sent if off with a wish?

“I like to pick Life up in my hands, and really look it over.”

In each performance, Susan’s audiences – children and adults alike — sing along to the bright and varied accompaniment of her violin, guitar, mountain dulcimer and banjo. At verse’s end, she pauses to tell a story or recite a poem. Name a topic or theme, and Susan will draw together the songs and stories to explore it.

“Kids are not alone. The first thing I’ll let you know in my shows is that I’ve been there too.”

Whether her audience numbers in the hundreds or thousands, and whether the faces are young or old, Susan tailors her programs to involve her audience. Common to all of her performances is Susan’s trademark sense of humor and optimism, and her conviction that music has the power to broaden people’s understanding of the world around them.

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“When parents and children experience my songs and stories together, that’s when the magic happens.”
“She delivers her lessons with a warm and kind voice, skilled musicianship and genuine appreciation for the world around her.”

- Parents’ Choice


Drop of Honey

Children of peace, let’s explore the challenges we all face in just getting along, With a simple recipe for problem solving, Susan tells tales of families and friends and how the choices we make can lead to positive outcomes. We can all start over and try, try again.

Hand Jive!

Welcome to math and science. With an eye towards multiple intelligences, learn your facts through song and story. Learning facts was never this much fun! Topics covered are skip counting, multiplication, the continents, the rain cycle, our “place in space” and how it dictates our concept of time.

Write for Your Life!

In her exploration of creative writing, Susan shares her songs and stories with a focus on the creative process: inspiration, creation and hands-on doing. This show comes with a residency component. No such thing as writer’s block! Students will leave this show and workshop with tools in their pocket and stories to tell.

Peace Cranes

Our world grows smaller each day. No matter how old or young, we can all create an environment where peace reigns. Based on Susan's “Peace Cranes” story, this show includes an optional residency component of folding 1000 paper cranes and performing an orchestrated version of her song for chorus and orchestra.

Stories and Strings

This show for pre-school children, ages 2.9 - 6, features songs and stories for young minds, with an emphasis on learning about string instruments. How do they work? How are they different?  Each child will have a chance to try the banjo or the violin!


Come on up to Grandma's attic and find the character you would most like to be. Choose a costume, join your friends and stage an opera! These original operas are self-casting and all-inclusive. Based on familiar folk tales, they are ideal for residencies and can be performed with any age group in three to five sessions.

Dance Dance - Wherever You May Be!

All you need is a floor! Get up off your feet for this invigorating introduction to folk dance and singing games. Toss a little sawdust on the floor for an hour of do-si-do and circle to the left, winding down with a story for all.

Pass It On!

In this world riddled with teasing and bullying, Susan gives kids a roadmap to explore our differences, be tolerant of others, and engage in selfless acts of kindness. Mindfullness, kindness, compassion- pass it on!

A Bundle of Sticks

Let’s explore the world of peer relationships and think about making good choices. Kids today face challenges of drugs and alcohol at younger and younger ages. Using songs, stories and a whole lot of humor, Susan inspires kids to stick together and have fun in healthy ways.

An Open Invitation

Talk with Susan about programs or projects underway in your community and she will hand craft a program to support your journey.

“Susan is incredibly talented. She is absolutely captivating for people of all ages. Every time she visits she brings new songs and stories that she crafts to fit our themes. She has an amazing way with children.”

- Lori Mooney, educator