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Susan Reed's Stories

Many of the world’s most treasured traditional tales as well as new folk tales are tucked inside children’s books. It’s where the oral and singing traditions meet the visual. Susan’s books for you and yours meant to be read while snuggled on the couch.

“In the world of art, collaboration is the greatest joy. To see my songs and stories come alive through another artist’s interpretation is a thrill!”

Susan has many children’s books available in collaboration with Barefoot Books and Villegas Editores. In addition to Up, Up, Up!, Susan has recorded If You're Happy and You Know It and Playtime Rhymes with Barefoot Books. She also recorded Ooommm Mmmooo, a children’s yoga book, in both Spanish and English, with Villegas Editores.

Susan records regularly with her daughters, Kate and Allison, and brings a fresh sound to classic tunes and tales.

“Nothing beats a good book.”

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Up, Up, Up!

Susan is delighted to present to you her song, “Up, Up, Up!” Written by Susan Reed, illustrated by Rachel Oldfield and published by Barefoot Books, this song and story will keep your spirits high!

Up, Up, Up cover

Susan’s UP,UP,UP-lifting book also won three national awards—a NAPPA Gold Award, Mom’s Choice Gold Award, and a Tillywig Toy Awards Bright Eyes Award. Hurray!

“I got Susan’s book for my birthday and I’ve already read it a hundred times. It’s my favorite!”

Roger, age 7

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